The First Seal – Part 2

Sermon Text:
Revelation 6:1-2

We are in the third division of the book of Revelation, what Jesus referred to as those (things) that are to take place after this (1:19). These events follow the Rapture of the Church. Chapters 6-19 reveal the events of the seven year Tribulation.

Having taken the seven sealed scroll from the Father’s hand, Jesus our kinsman redeemer will break the seals thus commencing the first of three series of judgments that will take place during the Tribulation. The first series of judgments are aptly called the Seal Judgments. These judgments begin as a result of the signing of the Seven Year Covenant between the Antichrist and the nation of Israel (Dan. 9:27).

The breaking of the first seal brings forth a man wearing a crown, riding a white horse and going forth conquering, and to conquer. Please read with me Revelation 6:1-2.

Paul confronts two problems. First, the union of believers one with another was being violated.

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