Sunday School

Creation to Christ (C2C)
Sunday School for Ages 5 Years to 6th Grade

For the next many months we’ll be taking the 5 year olds through 6th graders in the C2C class through a program called Discipleland. They will be learning things like How to use their Bibles, How to meet with God, How to Navigate the Old Testament, How to Make Good Choices, How to Make Good Friends, and How to Produce Spiritual Fruit. For the last 2 years we’ve been teaching your kids God’s story from beginning to end, now we’re going to focus on what it looks like to walk with God and live for God.

Discipleland is a very engaging curriculum that includes music, skits, Bible drills, puppet shows and short videos to help the kids understand the importance of each topic. Each week the kids go home with Table Talkers so that families can engage in conversations about what the kids have learned in Sunday school as well as a weekly challenge bookmark to help them apply what they’ve learned. We hope your kids will join us!
Updated 01/29/2018