Here at Grace we always have something going on! We want to equip you to live the full lives that God has intended for us to experience. Learning how to do this through the scriptures ensures that we are living the abundant life that comes from obeying God’s word. These classes will help you to learn or rethink how you live your life.

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) Classes
Grace Community Church (GCC) and Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) have partnered to bring an in-depth, scholarly and non-denominational Bible study to Ramona.

Israel and Egypt: A Chronology Problem
-John Baumgardner, 1977

A Practical Plan To Make Disciples
A Practical Plan To Make Disciples contains coaching tips and curriculum resources to aid you as you answer the Lord’s call to make disciples. There is no one right way to disciple therefore the guidelines and resources are general in nature; you will discover what “works” for you. The imperative, however, is that you teach, model and train those you disciple to love and follow Jesus in every aspect of their lives.

Updated 11/27/2023