Worldview Analysis Study

Worldview Analysis Study from January 2017

John Baumgardner –

Jump start 2017 with a class on worldview analysis! People around us interpret the world in radically different ways, as witnessed on the Internet. This class is designed to provide us deeper insight into just how people think and interpret the world around them. We will explore some of the basic assumptions about reality that exert such profound influences on how a person processes the inputs he/she receives. This class is intended to help us to prepare our children and grandchildren at a worldview level to deal with the challenges to their worldview they will face in school and in society in general. It is also designed to help us as adults to connect more effectively and lovingly with people whose worldviews may be much different from our own.

The Universe Next Door by James W. Sire, is the text for this class. This book utilizes the changing landscape in Western thought over the past 500 years to analyze and compare nine different worldviews: Christian theism, deism, naturalism, nihilism, existentialism, Eastern pantheism, New Age spirituality, postmodernism, and Islamic theism. The first chapter is an introduction to the concept of a worldview. The plan is to cover one chapter a week, with lots of discussion and class participation.

Copies of the text will be available for $15.00 at the first class. You may also purchase it online at the above link. Those planning to participate in the class are strongly encouraged to download and read Chapter 1 prior to the first session. It may be downloaded as a PDF file for free at the publisher’s Web site.

For additional information or questions, contact John Baumgardner.

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