Water baptism is a joyous experience in our walk with Christ. Jesus commanded that His disciples go into the world and make disciples; baptizing and teaching those who believe the gospel (Matthew 28:19-20). baptism_1_250x300 The Bible teaches that those who are water baptized are publicly and symbolically declaring their union with Jesus in his death to sin, burial and resurrection to life. Therefore, water baptism is for men, women and children who are consciously trusting in Jesus for salvation. Baptism does not in any way contribute to our salvation, but is a joyous declaration that we have been saved through faith in Jesus. The Bible also teaches that water baptism is to be by immersion consistent with the symbolism of burial and resurrection.

Prior to water baptism, all candidates attend our baptism class and thoroughly study what the Bible teaches about water baptism. We also help each candidate prepare his/her testimony of faith in Jesus to be shared at his or her baptism.

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