The Seventh Trumpet

Sermon Text:
Revelation 11:15-19

We are studying Revelation 11:15-19. On the Tribulation Timeline this places us very near the midpoint of the Tribulation. It is at the midpoint of the Tribulation that the activities of the counterfeit trinity will kick in to high gear. The parentheses of chapters 12-14 explain the “why” and “what” of the counterfeit trinity’s intensified campaign. Revelation 11:1-2 reveals that a third Jewish temple will be operational at the beginning of the Tribulation. This Tribulation Temple will not be sanctioned by God and, in fact, will be censured by the Two Witnesses who’s ministry during the first half of the Tribulation is revealed in 11:3-13. As we come to Revelation 11:15-19, 6 of the 7 Trumpet Judgments have already been executed. Here, near the midpoint of the Tribulation, the 7th Trumpet is sounded.

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