The Second Coming

Sermon Text:
Revelation 19:11-21

Revelation 19:11-21 reveals the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ to the earth at the end of the 7 year Tribulation. He will come to make war against the Antichrist and False Prophet. In order to fully understand the situation at the time of Jesus’ second coming we need to do some review and some supplementing of our passage. We discovered in Revelation 12 that midway through the 7 year Tribulation, Satan and his demonic forces will be defeated in battle by Michael the Archangel and his angelic forces. As a result, Satan will be cast to the earth (Rev. 12:7-9). Knowing prophecy, Satan will be enraged knowing he has only 3 1/2 years before the second coming of Christ to the earth. His rage will be directed at Israel, the Jews, and at the followers of Jesus (Rev. 12:13-17). Working through the Antichrist and False Prophet Satan’s persecution of the Jews will be the most severe in human history.

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