The Crown That Follows The Cross

Sermon Text:
Mark 9:1-13

Today we come to one of the most dramatic events in Scripture- the transfiguration of Jesus. This event followed Jesus’ announcement of His suffering, rejection, death and resurrection (8:31) and the cost to those who would follow Him to the cross (8:34).

Jesus made it clear that the Cross (Isa. 53) had to come before the Crown (Dan. 7:13-14). But God graciously gave the transfiguration to encourage the disciples that the Crown will most certainly follow the Cross. It is evident Jesus knew the transfiguration was coming. He announced it at least six full days before it happened. I believe the transfiguration took place on Mount Hermon in the area near Caesarea Philippi where Jesus and the disciples had come after the healing of the blind man (8:27). Mount Hermon is 9,000 feet in elevation and fits the description of being a “high mountain”.

Verse one of Mark 9 actually belongs with the previous passage where Jesus emphasized both the cost and blessing of following Him to the cross.

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