Midtribulation Pronouncements

Sermon Text:
Revelation 14:6-13

Revelation 14 contains three sections each of which begins with the phrase kai eidon (then I looked, 14:1; then I saw, 14:6; then I looked, 14:14). This study is of the second section (14:6-13) which contains three angelic pronouncements and an affirmation of the Holy Spirit. These pronouncements will be made mid tribulation; the time at which the Antichrist will achieve world domination. Supported by the False Prophet, he will declare himself god and demand the world worship him. His image will be set up in the Temple; those refusing to worship it will be killed (13:15). The worldwide campaign of “the mark” will force people to worship; without the mark, one will not be able to buy food (13:16-17). Jews and Jesus followers will be hunted, imprisoned and many murdered.

As this nightmare begins to unfold, God will send angelic preachers to warn the world’s people not to worship the beast nor take his mark, but to worship the one true God. It will be yet another manifestation of God’s love and grace. The first angelic preacher will warn the citizens of the earth to worship the true God because His judgment is imminent.

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