By a Single Offering

Sermon Text:
Hebrews 9:1-10:18

In 9:1-10:18 the Preacher continues to demonstrate the inadequacies of the Mosaic (Old) Covenant. The ministry of the Old Covenant took place in an earthly tabernacle that limited access to God to one man once a year; the ministry of the New Covenant takes place in the heavenly Tabernacle and opens access to God through the one man, Jesus Christ. Animal sacrifices under the Old Covenant had to be offered repeatedly because they dealt only with the external and could not take away sin; Jesus’ sacrifice under the New Covenant was offered once for all because it purifies the conscience and takes away sin. The Old Covenant was a shadow and parable meant to reveal truths about God, the way of salvation and ultimately the Messiah; the New Covenant is the reality.

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