Notes and Announcements

Please note our new time is now 5:30 PM Sunday Evenings

SEPTEMBER 13th, 2020
Dear Grace Family!
We will meet again this Sunday, September 20th, at 5:30PM in the back parking lot for ONE SERVICE. This Sunday, we will continue with our series titled “Proverbs – Skillful Living.”

Our service area is shaded, and there is plenty of room for social distancing in our seating. There is plenty of daylight left at service end. In addition, we have parking in the back parking lot for our senior saints with parking attendants helping get everyone situated. Bring your own chairs, water, Bible and a jacket. Please wear a mask from your vehicle to your seat and then after the service. Please practice social distancing and be sensitive to those around you as to their comfort level with physical contact. Let’s practice what we learned: LOVE LIMITS LIBERTY.

We know that there are many different levels of needs and concerns regarding Coronavirus at this time and we want to make our service as welcoming and as safe as possible and for the most people possible. With that in mind, there will be an area where people who are practicing strict social distancing can still come and feel comfortable. This area will be marked out underneath the easy-up canopies in the back. Hopefully, this controlled space will allow some of our brothers and sisters to join us who have not yet been able.

Here are some important things to remember
  1. Continue to show love and care for those that may have different needs, or hold a different opinion and practice than you. After all, “Love Limits Liberty” 😊
  2. Parents, please keep your children from running around in the canopied area.
  3. If you feel the most comfortable in this new area, please feel free to park in the back parking lot.
Hope to see you Sunday evening!

Please note: The Sunday morning video and the 5:30 PM Sunday evening message are the same.

Series: Proverbs – Skillful Living
Pastor Nate Ingvoldstad
Sermon notes are available HERE
Title: Proverbs – Skillful Living, Be Wise In Your Work – September 20, 2020 (Direct Link)
(This video will be available Sunday morning at 6:00 AM. You may need to refresh the page.)

To check the status of your HomeGroup, please visit our HomeGroups Page. For the attendees of those HomeGroups that will be meeting, please email or call your HomeGroup leader if you need information or have concerns with the assembly.

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