Is The Bible From God?

As we converse with our friends about the Christian faith, inevitably we will make reference to the Bible and what it reveals about creation, man, evil, Jesus etc. No longer can we assume a general acceptance of the Bible as supernaturally inspired and authoritative. Instead, we must be prepared to answer our friends’ questions and/or objections of the Bible’s authority.

The challenge can be reduced to a simple question: “What kind of book is the Bible?” There are only two plausible answers. The Bible is merely a book by man about God, or it is a book given by God through man, to man. If the Bible is merely a book by man about God, then the Bible is a record of human wisdom marked by human limitations. That’s all. If the Bible is a book given by God through man, to man, then God is the ultimate author and His word is the last word. Further, being essentially a supernatural book, it would likely bear supernatural marks, God’s fingerprints in a sense.

Do we have any good reasons to think God has spoken supernaturally in the Bible? The way to answer this question is to look at the book itself. Here are six reasons it is reasonable to believe the Bible is God’s book, six evidences of supernatural authorship conveniently paired with parts of the hand so you won’t forget.

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