Hardened Hearts

Sermon Text:
Mark 6:30-56

We discovered in the previous passage that Herod Antipas misunderstood Jesus because of his guilt (6:14-29). In the passages before us in this study we discover that the disciples missed a major revelation about Jesus because of resentment.

After being rejected in His hometown of Nazareth (6:1-6) Jesus sent His disciples out (6:7-13). John Mark “sandwiches” in Herod Antipas’ response to Jesus (6:14-29) then picks up the disciples’ ministry trip again (6:30-31). The disciples returned to Jesus in Capernaum and reported the amazing things they had done and taught in His name.

Do you remember how crazy it was in Capernaum when His family came to take Him away? John Mark tells us there were so many people Jesus and His disciples couldn’t even eat (3:21). As we can see the ministry load hadn’t let up; Jesus and His disciples still couldn’t find space to eat. So Jesus directed they get away to a remote place to rest.

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