Demon Invasions

Sermon Text:
Revelation 9:1-21

If you were to walk into the teaching room on Barangonan Island you would see two miniature boats suspended from the rafters. One boat is painted black and is sailing towards the Lake of Fire. The other boat, painted white, is sailing to the New Earth. We are in one or the other of these boats. We are sailing either to the Lake of Fire or to the New Earth.

These boats speak not only of destination, but alignment. Those in the black boat are aligned with Satan and the demonic world. Those in the white with Jesus. To the secular, naturalistic mind, Satan and demons are the stuff of fantasy. The Bible clearly reveals that Satan is a created angel who rebelled against God, deceived a third of the angelic host to worship him and is the avowed enemy of God, of righteous angels and humanity. Regarding Satan the secular man scoffs and dismisses as religious fanatics those who believe in his existence. But a day is coming when all such scoffing will cease. In the fifth and sixth Trumpet Judgment the stuff of nightmares will be reality.

Let’s review where we’ve been and where we are in our study of end-time events.

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