Exile Night

All around the world, persecuted Christ-followers are given a choice to convert to Islam, leave, or die. The courageous believers in these places refused to deny their faith and over 100,000 are left with barely the clothing on their backs. Exile night gives students an opportunity to see just a piece of what exiled Christians in the Middle East face daily.

This overnight event includes:

1. “Tortured for Christ”- the movie
2. Stories from those who have faced persecution themselves
3. An overnight experience living like a refugee
4. Filling Med Packs for those in need

It will be an unforgettable experience that I encouraged you to participate in.

When: April 26-27 From 6pm-8am
Who: 7th-12th grade
Where: Grace Community Church (1234 Barger Pl)

Cost: $10 (All funds will go towards filling med packs )
(Exile night 2019 medical Release)
Please register with your youth leader on or before April 23rd.