Fathers In Training 2014

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We are a ministry of fathers who seek to teach, train and equip men in Biblical fatherhood.

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American Idol (Ron Serabia)
American Idol (Presentation)
American Idol (Notes and Questions)
American Idol (Outline)
American Idol (Audio File)
TOP 10 Challenges People Face at Work (Additional Resource)

Developing Your Childs Gifts and Skills (Joel Kaufman)

Skills and Gifts (Presentation)
Skills and Gifts (Questions)
Skills and Gifts – Various Assessments (80 Questions, 100 Questions, Online Tests)

Sexual Purity (Ron Hughes)

Sexual Purity (Presentation)
Sexual Purity (Outline)
Sexual Purity (Questions)
Sexual Purity (Study Notes)

Creating a Life Giving Culture (Eric Stein)

Creating a Life Giving Culture (Presentation)
Creating a Life Giving Culture (Outline and Questions)

Raising Kids To Live Like Jesus (Kyle Lanz)

Raising Kids to Live Like Jesus (Presentation)
Raising Kids to Live Like Jesus (Notes and Questions)

Connecting With Our Kids on a Deeper Level (Ron Serabia)

Connecting With Our Kids (Presentation)
Connecting With Our Kids (Notes and Questions)

Forgiveness (Ron Hughes)

Forgiveness (Presentation)
Forgiveness (Outline)
Forgiveness (Study Notes)
Forgiveness (Discussion Questions)

The Merciful Man – Being a Tenderhearted Father (Joel Kaufman)

Merciful Man (Presentation)
Merciful Man (Outline)
Merciful Man (Discussion Questions)

Rejoicing in Your Children (Eric Stein)

Rejoicing In Your Children (Presentation)
Rejoicing in Your Children (Notes and Questions)

Introduction to F.I.T. (Ron Serabia)

Fathers in Training – Intro Session (Presentation by Ron Serabia) 
Fathers in Training- Introduction (Notes)
The Legacy You Want to Give (Homework)
Time Tracker – Priorities (Self-Evaluation)

Performance Fathering

Performance Fathering (Presentation)
Performance Fathering (Notes and Questions)
Performance Fathering (MP3 Audio File)

Shepherding a Child’s Heart

Shepherding a Child’s Heart (Presentation)
Shepherding a Child’s Heart (Notes and Outline)
Shepherding a Child’s Heart (Homework)
Shepherding a Child’s Heart (MP3 Audio File)

Godly Discipline

Godly Discipline (Presentation)
Godly Discipline (Outline)
Godly Discipline (Notes)
Godly Discipline (MP3 Audio File)

Loving Your Wife

Loving Your Wife (Presentation)
Loving Your Wife (Notes / Outline)
Loving Your Wife (MP3 Audio File)

Developing Your Child’s Character

Developing Your Child’s Character (Presentation)
Developing Your Child’s Character (Notes)
Developing Your Child’s Character (Outline)
Developing Your Child’s Character (MP3 Audio File)

Becoming a Life Giving Coach

Becoming a Life Giving Coach (Presentation)
Becoming a Life Giving Coach (Notes)
Becoming a Life Giving Coach (Outline / Questions)

Understanding Your Child’s Personality

Understanding Your Childs Personality (Presentation)
Understanding Your Childs Personality (Outline)
Understanding Your Childs Personality (Questions)
Understanding Your Childs Personality (Audio)

United Parenting

United Parenting (Presentation)
United Parenting (Notes and Questions)
United Parenting (Audio File)

Practicing His Presence – Who is the Holy Spirit?

Who is the Holy Spirit? (Presentation)
Who is the Holy Spirit? (Notes)

Practicing His Presence – Dad’s Power Source

Holy Spirit – Dad’s Power Source (Presentation)
Holy Spirit – Dad’s Power Source (Outline & Questions)
Holy Spirit – Dad’s Power Source (Notes)

Fear of God

Fear of God (Presentation)
Fear of God (Outline)
Fear of God (Questions)