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Use Your Words
07/23/2017 to CURRENT
Pastor Paul Nelson

Poems With A Purpose
04/24/2017 to 07/16/2017
Pastors Phil de Martimprey, Paul Nelson, and Nate Ingvoldstad

The Church: A Gifted Family
02/05/2017 to 03/26/2017
Pastors Phil de Martimprey and Paul Nelson

Money Matters
01/01/2017 to 01/29/2017
Pastor Paul Nelson

Galatians – Freed by Christ To Follow the Spirit
09/11/2016 to 12/04/2016
Pastors Phil de Martimprey and Paul Nelson

Renovation of the Heart
07/24/2016 to 08/28/2016
Pastor Paul Nelson

Sent to Serve (The Gospel of Mark)
08/23/2015 to 07/17/2016
Pastors Paul Nelson, Phil De Martimprey

12/28/2014 to 08/09/2015
Pastors Paul Nelson

I AM in John’s Gospel
01/11/2015 to 01/25/2015
Pastor Nate Ingvoldstad

09/08/2013 to 10/19/2014
Pastor Paul Nelson
Updated 06/29/2017