Sunday School

Creation to Christ (C2C)
Sunday School for Ages 5 Years to 6th Grade

C2C is a biblical curriculum that teaches children God’s story in an understandable way. Beginning with creation we show them how God’s plan unfolded and how every story points us towards Jesus and the need for a Savior. While we are teaching them the story, we will also be teaching them how to talk through God’s story using sign language, so that by the end of this 2 year curriculum, the kids will be able to talk through the story of the Bible using their hands to express what God has done for them! Mix this together with music, games, skits, puppet shows, and a challenging missionary story illustrated by one of our wonderful artists and you have a winning combination for kids!

We encourage the kids to do memory verses and homework during the week so that they are beginning to read the Bible for themselves, and are becoming familiar with God’s word. We have a star and name tag incentive program where the kids earn stars and advance by coming to C2C, bringing their Bibles, learning their memory verse, doing their homework, bringing a friend, learning the books of the Bible, or participating in the Talk Through the Bible. We are amazed at how this has helped parents connect with their kids on a spiritual level on a regular basis!
Updated 06/06/2016