Evidence for The Exodus

Stunning Extra-Biblical Testimony from Egypt for the Exodus
April 29 – May 20
10:15 – 11:30 AM
During 2nd Service in Room 1
Teacher: John Baumgardner

In this class we will consider the graphic written and pictorial descriptions of the Exodus and the events that preceded it contained in the tombs of several Egyptian Pharaohs. Tomb murals depict in color the walls of water that opened in the Red Sea to allow the children of Israel to escape but then closed upon and drowned the Egyptian army.

We will also view and discuss the video titled Patterns of Evidence: Exodus that presents powerful archeological discoveries that document the presence of the children of Israel in the land of Goshen in the eastern Nile Delta prior to the time of the Exodus.

For more information, you may contact Nate Ingvoldstad at (760) 315-5536 or nateing@gccramona.com